Tips for a Stellar Semester🤓📚

The Fall semester is right around the corner so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some tips with you guys. From study tips to textbook deals.

Last year, I survived undergraduate and graduated with honors. It was an amazing day, but those four years were no cake walk. College takes a lot of commitment and determination. Motivation is key. However, there are some other factors that could help with your success in college so I decided to share some tips that I think will help college students have a stellar semester.

Studying is a key part of being successful in college. Developing study techniques helps you become a better test taker. As you progress to higher level courses, the material that you take in will require you to become more connected. Trying to memorize terms and concepts is a waste of time. You’ll just overwork yourself. For me it was a matter of finding what study techniques worked best for me. I tried with flashcards in the beginning, but it really didn’t help much. I used multiple techniques to help me with improving my test scores as well as retaining information. Some professors provide students with Powerpoint presentations for the lecture so what I would do was jot down notes during the lecture so when it was time to study I would copy the Powerpoint lecture via outline view into a Word document so that I could input my notes from lecture and ultimately create my own study guide. I also used Quizlet as well. Quizlet will allow you to turn your terms and concepts into a test, flashcards and other sorts of study techniques to keep you on your A game.

Go to tutoring sessions. Tutoring sessions are your BFF. Don’t feel any kind of way because you aren’t grasping a concept in class. Trust you aren’t the only one some people are really good at pretending (lol). Tutoring sessions are supplemental to the actual lecture so the professor may teach it one way, but your tutor may articulate the coursework and material in a different that makes more sense. Going to a session can be insightful as well meaning that you may realize the way information needs to be presented to you a certain way in order for you to grasp and understand it.

Time Management is another key part that makes up whether you can stay on the mark or not. It’s important to manage your time wisely from the very start of the semester. Buy a planner so that you can write out your assignments and their due dates. What I would do was go through the syllabus of every course and write the due dates for all of the assignments and projects. Also, assess your day to day schedule. What time does your day start? What time does your day end? How much time do you have in between classes? How much time do you need to allot for studying and reading course material?

Build a rapport with your professors is one of the smartest and most beneficial move you can make during your college career. It’s really beneficial because when you know you have professors you can count on you will be able to reach out for assistance with assignments and depending on your major you will be one of the top people considered for becoming a research assistant. Also, when you are looking for a job or applying for graduate school, you’ll need your professor to write a letter of recommendation.

Networking is another thing that you should look into doing. Volunteering and doing community outreach work is a great way to come across people who could possibly make a great difference in your college career. Join clubs and student unions. Getting involved is the best way to network.

Do extra credit. It may seem unnecessary, but it could give your grade the boost it needs to meet the mark. It also let’s the professor know that you’re devoted to going above and beyond for your grade.

Here’s a list of links to sites that’ll help you save $$$ when shopping for textbooks.

  • Campusbooks: This site is good for buying, selling, and renting textbooks. It’ll compare prices from multiple sites like Chegg, Barnes & Noble, Valore Books and more.
  • Fat Kid Deals: They have various deals and codes that are useful for online shopping on sites like Amazon.
  • This Tumblr master post link is kind of old, but I think you’ll still have luck looking for textbooks and novels on here. There’s ton of links and torrents that you can access

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