Speaking Things Into Existence

I just wanted to make a post about the power of speaking things into existence. Positive thinking, planning and patience are important when it comes to making the thing you desire come to fruition. In life you want to experience things, learning things, move forward and even overcome some things.

So I suggest sitting down writing some things out and claiming them for your own. Mention some things to your friends like “Once I get my masters I plan to move up in my current job and get this much needed promotion.” or “I deserve a change of scenery so I’m gonna pack up and visit Morocco.” Talk your things to existences make them real.

It’s all about turning your desires into goals that can happen and not letting them just be far fetched chit chat.

I hope you guys consider this and decide to speak things into existence so that there will be a positive change in your life 🙂

   By: S. Easley

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