Must See Netflix Documentary

By: S. Easley

So if you couldn’t tell already I’m really into films & documentaries. Just last night I watched a documentary about sex workers called Hot Girls Wanted. A lot of people weren’t pleased with it for personal reasons I’m guessing. But for me it was interesting to see how it took away the general idea that these young girls are just sexual beings, but instead shedding light on them and letting them speak for themselves. These women are individuals with goals, dreams, and personalities. They’re individuals and that’s what most people fail to see once they realize they’re sex workers. These young girls who range from 18 to about 21 are amateur porn stars. The doc focuses on 4 girls mainly and shows just what life is like as an amateur porn star. Some rationalize that though they’re uncomfortable on camera, but it’s just apart of the job it doesn’t matter. It was especially interesting to see how one girl had to figure out how to balance her work and her relationship with her family and bf. Another important part was that there was a girl who felt like she couldn’t bring herself to say no to an offer for work even if it’s an unappealing and uncomfortable job offer. In the end, you get the idea of how the industry works and whether the girls decide to stay.

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